About Vera Velour


After having been at home for many years raising two daughters and always thought it difficult to find something comfortable to wear, still feeling well dressed, I decided to design my own collection with feminine with feminine dresses in jersey in beautiful colors and exciting prints that now has become favorites among many fashionable women in Sweden.

We have show-rooms in Malmoe, Gothenburg and Stockholm to be able to sell directly to
customers in order to get instant feedback on our new models, listen to customer’s different needs and requests. This has been very good for the development of our products.

Our price range is in the middle segment and we attract a conscious customer where price is not decisive but more the quality and design. The typical Vera Velour customer is around 30 years old, knows what she wants, and is prepared to pay a little more for that. She makes her choice carefully and the garment therefore becomes a favorite she doesn’t want to be without. In this way she becomes a faithful customer that will return year after year.

Our best selling product is a very glamorous morning robe which got its inspiration from a 60-70’s model and has inspired the style through all my collections. The reason it is a great success, not at least at NK, Scandinavia´s largest department store, is because there is not anything like it on the market and the timing is perfect!